Spain’s Most Expensive Wines

dominio de pingus ribera del duero 2001Spain is considered by many to be one of the top countries for extraordinary value in wine.  We certainly agree.  However, Spain’s wines do not need to be confined to this definition either.  Some absolutely stellar wines, true exemplars, are coming out of Spain now, and the world is responding to them with increased appreciation and demand. just published a list of the top ten most expensive Spanish wines according to their database.  Here they are with average prices on

1.  Dominio de Pingus – Ribera del Duero – $898

2.  Decendientes de J. Palacios “La Faraona” – Bierzo – $614

3.  Álvaro Palacios “L’Ermita” – Priorato – $587

4.  Vega Sicilia “Único Gran Reserva” – Ribera del Duero – $427

5.  Bodegas Hermanos Sastre “Pesus” – Ribera del Duero – $352

6.  Bodega Contador “Contador” – Rioja – $322

7.  Clos Erasmus – Priorato – $294

8.  Remírez de Ganuza “Gran Reserva” – Rioja – $251

9.  Artadi “Viña El Pisón” – Rioja – $250

10.  Martínez Lacuesta “Reserva Especial” – Rioja – $210

If these prices are out of your budget, take heart in knowing that most of these estates also produce other wines at lower prices.  Also, there are many many other very compelling examples from these regions at much lower prices.  The good news is that there is so much to explore in Spain.

See the original article on here.


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Spanish White Wine sales up sharply in Spain in 2012

spain white wineRed wine consumption in Spain has seen a decline a recent years, though the average price of red wine is up along with overall quality.

Spanish white wines are less known but are gaining more of a following in Spain and in overseas markets.  Sales of white wines in Spain were up 9.6% in 2012 according to a recent Neilsen study and an article on The Local, an English language Spanish news blog.

We’ve noted here before that Spain actually has more native white grape varieties than native red ones; though it is the reds that gain the most prestige currently, for still wines anyway.

The article points out an interesting statistic that Rioja red wines still have a huge share of the wine market in Spain, commanding 61% of the sales of Crianza red wines.

The other top red D.O.s for sales in Spain are according to this report: Valdepeñas, Ribera del Duero, La Mancha, Cariñena, and Navarra.  This leaves us with the question of percentage by D.O., in which order by sales?

Also, which white D.O.’s are leading and at what percentages?

Comments and leads to information on this topic are welcome.

Here is a link to the article on The Local.


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Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines published for 2012 – 8 from Spain

imgresWine Spectator’s annual list of its Top 100 wines has been released for 2012.  Spain has an impressive 8 wines on the list this year.  There are 6 reds from Montsant, Almansa, Bierzo, Ribera del Duero, and two from Rioja.  One white wine on the list this year is a dry white from Rioja.  Also worth noting is that this is the first time in recent years a sherry has been on the list, with a dry Jerez Amontillado gaining number 82.  I applaud Wine Spectactor for finally including a Sherry on their annual selections.  Portugal has one wine on the list, which came in very high at #13 and 95 points with a red from Douro.  Click here or navigate the menu to the right to be taken to our results page.  Again, there are so many great wines that do not get recognized in this short list.  However, to the wineries whose wines are highlighted:  congratulations!


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